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I am not sure who taught BLS Painting to finish cabinets, but they are the best I have seen. The guys do really good work and they are very polite.
            -Mr. Paquett, Homeowner (Interior Finishing)


We are extremely pleased with the professional painting job BLS Painting did as part of our remodeling project. They caulked and painted the walls and trim in our kitchen, family room and gallery hall. They did an excellent job!! During the final walk-through, they thoughtfully presented us with a ‘touch-up’ kit for our future use. We will definitely use BLS Painting again for any of our painting needs.
            -Janet & John Moss, Homeowners (Interior Repaint)


BLS does the best painting and cabinet stain hands down. Your employees are professional and meticulous. I look forward to have BLS back to repaint one of my bedrooms since we found out that we are having another baby. Thanks BLS , you guys are stellar!
           -Job Hammond, Homeowner (New Custom Home)


BLS Painting has done all of the interior painting in our home. We had them in 3 times since the post build move in to touch up from nicks & bands after the furniture arrived. Again we had them touch up after our 1 year. The house had settled and been through the 4 seasons which cause swelling and shrinking in the walls & caulking.
They also came a third time for our 3rd year touch up to freshen any messes or marks from normal household use. We have referred them to close friends and family due to their professional work ethic & quality of workmanship. Once of the thing that we appreciate is how thorough the painters have been about our property and not making more work out of spills or drips that may incur during the job. They are very conscientious to the paint application & therefore have no mistakes & things are done right and done right the first time and the painters have never been obtrusive or inconsiderate as they competed their work. In addition, they show up when they say the will which is HUGE  with us as many contractors do not!

With those thing being said, we also must say that their finished product is & always has been quality work and we hope to always have them do our interior painting. They will caulk cracks, spackle holes and completely cover over any smudges or wall mess. When they are done, we feel like our house is brand new again! Their prices are fair and with their consistency we will definitely use BLS Painting many times in the future to keep our house in top shape and to continue to reap the benefits of our investment.
           -Katie & Kelly Kordzik, Homeowner (New Custom Home & Repaint)


I just had some warranty work done through my home builder. I just want to commend your painters on doing a great job, being very polite, cleaning up after themselves, not dropping a single drop of paint in my house, and working until I was satisfied; I really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Great customer service!
           -Amy Duncan, Homeowner (New Custom Home)


We just completed construction of a new home and BLS Painting was responsible for painting the entire house, inside and out. In addition they helped select the stains on the surfaces that required them. They did an excellent job and completed it in a timely fashion. The painters were courteous and neat. I would highly recommend BLS services and should I need repainting we would definitely call on them again.
           -Iris Groten, Homeowner (New Custom Home)


It as a pleasure working with BLS and his team. They provided the masonry, stucco, and interior and exterior painting at several of my projects in the Austin area. BLS was responsive to phone calls and kept me informed of the progress and time lines. I would recommend them to anyone.
           -Richard Grothues, Kendall Morgan Construction (Builder)


BLS are very good painters, easy to get along with plus fair in price. Which is rare in today’s market. Their ability to get along with home owners is yet another plus. Their willingness to learn more about the building trade is also a sign of a good sub contractor. I would recommend them to anyone who is wanting a quality painting company.
           -Don Linton, Brian Bailey Homes (Builder)


BLS Painting has proven to be a very professional, quality-oriented company. The project manager and general manager are very knowledgeable and can communicate with clients in a way that builds confidence in both them and the builder’s they work for.
           -Jody Jones, Russell-Eppright Homes (Builder)


Thanks so much for all your help with my home painting and carpeting.
           -Tim Dalton, Homeowner (Remodel)


I am very pleased with the quality and professionalism of BLS Painting. They took time to put up as many samples as needed to make sure I would be happy with the final result. In addition, when I called to schedule for touch-ups they were prompt and never left any mess behind. I would recommend BLS Painting.
           -Abby Salter, Homeowner (New Custom Home)


I have been using BLS Painting for the last years. I have been satisfied with their services. They are very knowledgeable and have trained their employees well. BLS shows up when they are supposed to be at the job, they work hard at getting the job done, and they respect other sub-contractors work as they go. I give my wholehearted recommendation for the services of BLS Painting.
           -Brent Allison, Lake Travis Builders (Builder)


The purpose of this letter is to highly recommend BLS Painting for any interior or exterior or stain needs. Not only are they capable and professional organization, they are very creative in solving problems, as was the case in my new house where the first painter had made a mess of things.  BLS came in, took over and in a very short time had our house looking like a new house instead of a reconstruction project. As we also found out, he has the flexibility to size his crews to fit the size of the job. We will continue to use BLS Painting for all of our paint and stain needs. Needless to say we are a very, very satisfied customer and we think that you will be too if you give BLS the opportunity to serve you.
           -Ron White, Homeowner (New Custom Home)


Let it be known that BLS Painting has been subcontractor with our company for the past years. We have an ongoing relationship producing fine quality high-end custom homes. BLS Painting is quite knowledgeable in the preparation, application, and completion of painted and stained surfaces. They are meticulous in understanding the importance of following the Color Expression sheet, ample generation and documentation of any deviation from the selection. The general manager monitors the job regularly and is always available by phone corresponding charges when the situation arises. The supervisor is a man of few words, but knows how to put his labor force to task.
I highly recommend this father and son team. I have enjoyed our professional relationship and our continued success.

           -Bill Temple Custom Homes (Builder)


The entire team at BLS Painting Plus are without a doubt one of the best stucco and masonry companies in Austin. From start to finish they provide the highest quality of service and experience for those of us in the building community. We have worked together on a number of projects now ranging from starter systems to the most complex, and I am continually amazed at how efficient and accommodating they are for me and my clients.  When it comes to providing the best of the best for my clientele it is comforting to know that BLS Painting is on my team.

As a custom home builder I am continually evaluating the quality of workmanship that I receive from my contractors, and trying to maximize the dollars I spend with the finished product. Working with BLS for all  my stucco and masonry needs has taken a key component of the building process to the next level. In today’s environment of savvy buyers it is essential to have someone that can make the complexities of home stucco an masonry simple and attainable.  BLS truly make the process seamless form the initial consult to the delivery of a new home, outdoor living are or fireplace.

Anyone who chooses to work with BLS, and his team will be working with one of the best in the business. The only question remaining will be how to get the same level of quality and service out of the rest of your contractors.
-Robert Swett, Robert Stephen Homes (Builder)


The BLS Painting team of painters and office support are the most professional I have found. They strive to do the best work and please their clients. They do all their work in a very timely manner.
           -Debbie Courtney, Homeowner (Remodel)


It my honor to write this letter on behalf of BLS Painting and their team of employees. I have had the opportunity to work with BLS in multiple number of projects over the past years and must say that the attention to detail and quality of service they provide is second to none. I have had the opportunity to work with many different sub contractors over the years and must say I have been extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship they have provided for our company.
           -Chad Watkins, Watkins Custom Homes (Builder)


I have been using the services of BLS during the past years, that includes their stucco, rockwork, and their painting and staining crews. In each area their work has been exemplary. Their knowledge of the building and construction trades along with their professionalism, skill, and talent in every aspect of the project, from estimating to scheduling and the delivery of both as promised has been excellent. Custom Home building requires flexibility and they have been very cooperative. Of special not their attention to detail and high standard for quality product and workmanship. They are a delight to work with (now and in the future) and would strongly recommend them – and have – to anyone needing quality work and excellent service.
           -Robert Donohoe, Regen Builders (Builder)


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