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Each team member is committed to continually setting, monitoring and meeting strategic goals. We are committed to establishing well thought out strategic goals and committed to meet on a regular basis to measure our progress toward reaching these goals. Each team member is committed to building the financial strength of the company, provide positive, healthy and professional environment in which we work, and committed to continually improving, monitoring and implementing our systems.


Office Manager-directs phone calls, pays bills, payroll, company reports, and overlooks budgets.


Estimator-makes all formal bids and quotes and follows up with them.


Project Manager-Has capability to manage multiple projects at one time. He/she overlooks all projects, manages schedules, deadlines, appointments, color expressions, change order, maintenance programs, follow up calls, welcome home packages, and much more.


General Manager-Has business skills and management skills. He/she manages local division meets with customers, works hand and hand with project manager.


Supervisor-Has been working for our company for a minimum of 3 years. He/she keeps an eye on quality control and overlooks everyday project progress.


Master Painter is one of our most skilled painters on a project and has over 5 years experience being a painter who has good leadership skills and can meet deadlines.  He works on one project at a time and is at project from start to finish. 


Painter Technician is a painter who has been painting for a minimum of 2 years.


Helper is an apprentice for the first year.









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Painter For A day Special

Don’t you have a couple of things that you want done around the house, but are worried it's going to cost a lot? This special offer was created just for you.


$250 a room special!

Read about the BLS $250 a room special, That's right you can get any room in your house painting for only $250 per room, And two rooms for only $450.



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