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We have a very detailed plan of how to paint a new custom home of any size in a detailed schedule and on budget. We pride our serve on how we have been able to detail our schedules and budgets. The systems that we have created like the Color Expression Sheet followed by our Color Square system is a system that separates us from our competitors and makes us unique.

We believe we have a great formula for our companies success:




Once you sign a contract with us, our project manager calls you and tells you he or she will be working with you. Then he takes your samples and he gives them to our general manager. Our general manager puts them up and lets you know they are ready. The project manager then calls you and puts you on our schedule and creates a Work Order. Our employees only do work that is described on the work orders; this gives us a good control of what is going on at the field. 24 hours before your scheduled start date you must have either inputted your colors in our website or must have approved our Color Expression Sheet. If the colors are not submitted or our Color Expression Sheet is not approved your appointment will be canceled and re-scheduled. Why do we do this? Simple, we made a promise to you and we want you to help us keep it. Our Color Expression Sheets are so detailed that they tell us what paint to buy, what color, what product, what sheen, and what store to go to.  At the end they help us have a detailed plan of how to get the work done as fast as possible, what crew to send, and how long it will take us to do. As soon as you submit your colors we create our Color Squares and locate them at your project, so when our painters show up they know where to paint what.


Below is our suggested call us to schedule trips:

1) For Exterior Paint call us: Before roof is put in place and after roof is stacked and metal drip edge installed.

2) For Interior Paint call us: Before tile and countertops and after cabinets and interior trim is done.

3) For Exterior Touch Up call us: Before gutters and landscape and after driveway. Here we would paint/stain     garage doors, side doors, pipes, touch up eves, etc.

4) For Interior Rough Touch Up (if applicable) call us: Before faux painter and after sheet rock patches. Here we     would only do sheet rock patches and new wood.

5) For Final Touch Up call us: Before homeowner walk through and after all trades are done and after it has been     cleaned.


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