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BLS Painting traces its beginning to 1995 when Benito Luna started sub-contracting from a well-known paint contractor. Benito and three other crew members grew from one truck to many vans, and now BLS is one of Austin’s larges premier painting company.


BLS Painting is now a leader in today’s high end residential and commercial market. With more than 12 years experience with a wide variety of surfaces and situations, expect great service and quality work as a matter of course from a team of insured professionals.

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Painter For A day Special

Don’t you have a couple of things that you want done around the house, but are worried it's going to cost a lot? This special offer was created just for you.


$250 a room special!

Read about the BLS $250 a room special, That's right you can get any room in your house painting for only $250 per room, And two rooms for only $450.



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