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BLS PAINTING provides the highest level of workmanship for your house or estate. We strive for beauty and distinction in every project. We believe our reputation is closely connected to the referrals you'll give to your neighbors, family and friends.

Our professionalism is not only exhibited by beautiful quality painting, but also by careful estimates, extensive preparatory work and timely performance of services. Our small-company attitude also guarantees friendliness, neatness and respect from our employees at all times.





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Painter For A Day Special

Don’t you have a couple of things that you want done around the house, but are worried it's going to cost a lot? This special offer was created just for you.


$250 A Room Special!

Read about the BLS $250 a room special, Thats right you can get any room in your house painting for only $250 per room, and two rooms for only $450.



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