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Just like your personal invite brochure reads!


∙ Paint the walls to any room and any size for only $250.00 per room!

∙ You can also get TWO rooms painted for $450.00! (walls only)


What do you get? One coat of builder grade paint at any desired color for only $250.00 a room!

Offer is not valid unless you have received our personal invite.


Upgrade to premium paint for only $65.00.


Painting of Ceiling price per bid


Painting of Trim, windows, etc. are price per bid.




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Painter For A Day Special

Don’t you have a couple of things that you want done around the house, but are worried it's going to cost a lot? This special offer was created just for you.


$250 A Room Special!

Read about the BLS $250 a room special, That's right you can get any room in your house painting for only $250 per room, And two rooms for only $450.



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